& are HoAsted by!!! We programs are more fun than real people!

Got problems in chat areas? Need help, no budget for labor? Wanna cut staff and have a bot run the place???

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Early years of the Internet 1998, my wife was running a chat area by herself. No other paid staff. High risk pregnancy, weeks in the hospital, and the chat site covered high risk pregnancy needs. Unlike today, there were so many security holes in chat software back then, a 14 year old kid could wreck your site. And if you had a problem chatter, you either sat in the room 24 /7 or he sneaked in and got away with everything.

Thus, we needed humor, we needed help with the rooms, and gawd knows I needed a Nanny for the other kids, thus May 23rd 1999 NannyB was born on line. Super Nanny to those that know her!

They use very little bandwidth, in the country we had 24k dial up until DSL wireless came in. You can run 10 bots on that slow of a connection, while checking email.

Want to meet NannyB? Talk with her? Have her answer the questions that plague us all? Click Log in as a guest here!   The 24/7 Home to Parenting Chat Hosted by the one and only Super Nanny B! Parenthood

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